Debbie and Ricky have had management pubs which have been so successful that the breweries saw an oppertunity to make money by selling them on. They decided to take on tenancy pubs so that the efforts they put in were not for someone else to profit from. They are now at The Red Lion in Thorrington and have taken on a Three Year Tenancy. The inside of the pub is being re-decorated and work will be finished soon.

 The Red Lion has a new chef!! Sonny studdied at the Colchester Institute for 3 years completing the VRQ  course comfortably, learning all the essential cookery skills needed. From there he went on to do a work placement for a year in America working under Chef Mark Salter at The Inn At Perry Cabin. After progressing and becoming a Lead Line Cook Sonny took what he had  learnt and his vastly expanded cookery knowledge back to England where he worked at Dedham Boathouse. Again Sonny progressed and became a Senior Chef De Partie learning off his senior chefs, but also helping bring on the other chefs that worked under him. Then the opportunity to run a kitchen on his own using his own methods and recipes was a great task and one he wanted to take on.


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